There is something about an acoustic song. There is something about the pure sound that makes it sincere and expressive. Sitting on the couch, my father and I are on the edge of our seats letting the words and vibrations run through our ears, our mind, and our soul. The record player spins as fast as the many thoughts in our head. We are nothing but thrilled and touched at the hidden meaning behind an old, bittersweet song. The back of my eyes fill with water as I feel I could cry realizing how much a few lyrics can describe exactly what I’m feeling. After falling in love with a song, all there is left to do is learn it. I grab the battered neck of that old, cheap, acoustic guitar and I feel enlightened. As my father and I begin to learn a song together, I feel that we will never stop. Soon enough I feel the burning through my cracked fingertips from pressure of the steel strings of my guitar; but I will not stop because this is my time with my Dad.

When I turned eight my parents got divorced. I moved out of the house I had called home, and the environment I had known as a happy, care-free childhood. I have always loved both my parents, but why wouldn’t they love each other? Why would they make me feel like I had to choose between them? In high school, my involvement with Theatre and a part time job made seeing my Dad difficult. As my second year of high school arrived, I picked up the guitar with my Dad. How great it was to share something we both loved. It was like every song we learned together brought us closer, even when we hadn’t seen each other in a week or two. I felt better about myself and our relationship when bonding over this joy of playing music.

Looking to the future, I realize that involving myself in a busy, full time career in the entertainment industry after graduating college, may give me the same distant feeling I once felt with my Dad. However, I feel content in knowing that all I have to do to re-establish a relationship with my Dad, is pick up an old acoustic guitar and play. In that way, he will always be with me.

But music does more than just connect me with the significant people and events in my life. What music means to me, is everything. It is what wakes me up in the morning, and soothes me to sleep at night. At many times, it has brought me tears but other times it has brought me great compassion and perception. It has grieved with me through hard times, and celebrated with me during positive times. I can’t say I have had many friends that have been there for me like music has. I remember going to my very first concert. The feeling of seeing and hearing one of my favorite artists live, reassuring me that they are in fact real and living- was unlike any other life experience I’d had. I’m not sure if everyone in the world feels this way about music or if it is just me. But one thing I know for sure, is that I feel everyone deserves to experience this emotion that I feel from music. The feeling of overwhelming joy and connectedness to people and the world.

I hope my career does just this, and inspires people to be more involved with music and more appreciative of how it can enhance their lives. As I really begin to understand how the music business works, I find that my love for both creative arts and business allows me to study the two worlds and realize how they really do correspond to one another. My major known as, “Arts and Entertainment Management” is a great example of this idea. This interdisciplinary major has given me knowledge of music, music history, the arts, marketing, management, and business operations. This degree will help me to become a well-rounded professional entering the competitive field. My career goals entail marketing or managing of live music performance events, festivals, or musicals.

I want to ignite my career using the power of music by trying to understand music from different perspectives. Many people may explain going to a concert or a show as a simple pastime, a hobby, or something they do when on vacation, or when they happen to have the disposable income to spend. But what if I could get people to understand that music is more than that? That psychologically, it is not just a pastime but is something that can effectively change your perceptions of situations for the better, and keep you in positive mental health. If I could just get people to understand that music effects their thoughts and behavior more than they may realize. The power of music has been a huge part of history that has inspired generations of social change, political change, behavioral, and cultural change. For example, the 60’s brought us the Beatles. Many people associate John Lennon with his song “Imagine” and his hope for world peace. Music from artists such as Bob Dylan, can be associated with the American Civil Rights movement. In the 70’s, Bob Marley was a musical artist known for his music that often made political and or social references. Yet, I feel it is so hard for some people today to realize what music is doing to our generation. What is music inspiring today? This is a question I often ask myself and will continue to ask myself. Consequently, being able to understand music from different generations and different viewpoints will better enable me to market to certain audiences and support whatever social change may be upon us through music next. What kind of people listen to what kind of genres and for what reasons? Because there are so many different classes of music and fans, this is something I have always been interested in. I have always considered interest or curiosity as an opportunity to learn; which is one reason I believe I became so involved in certain organizations on my college campus.

In order to build on these perception skills, I am currently involved in a number of organizations such as: the Spring Fling Committee, and the “Programming for Activities on a Campus Environment” also known as PACE organization. I also spend time every year helping with the “Make Music Boston” event and assisting with musical or art related events for “The Newbury Street League” in Boston, MA. The Newbury Street League helps with marketing and relations between the 350 members on this particular street. Recently, its’ members have been more involved in music and art events: such as hosting networking events at the Liquid Art House and another example, organizing “Live Music Thursdays” where during the summer, young and progressing artists are able to perform on the street. All of these volunteer opportunities have been learning experience to ease me into a serious job in the music business. I have learned how to target certain audiences and incite them to come to music events as well as, make sure those events run smoothly. Also working for Live Nation has been extremely rewarding and by far my favorite job I have had. Working as a Box Office Attendant with the Live Nation crew, I have never felt more proud and comfortable at any other job. Experiencing different concerts, different audiences, and the overall environment I was working with every night was extremely enjoyable at the same time as it felt like I was working hard and learning. I really hope to one day progress in the company and continue a long work relationship with the success of Live Nation. With the motivation I have now, I could really ignite my passion into a long-term successful and fulfilling career of being a part of something that I love. There is nothing in the world that excites me more than turning my passion into a career. This is my everything.


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