Photographing for The Clock

The following photographs were taken by myself and published in The Clock, student newspaper of Plymouth State University. Working for The Clock, each week I was given a topic that someone on the team was writing about. Then as a photographer, I set out on a hunt to capture a photo that matches the idea or theme of the article. Through my photos, I have portrayed us as a community, and worked towards uniting us in how we feel and what we are surrounded by on campus, which at times was a difficult task. While some photo assignments were straight forward, such as: photographing a new store downtown, or an event on campus, others were very vague and prompted me to get creative and think outside the box. I had to think about how to photograph a feeling, and that took a lot of thought and preparation. Most of the time, it helped me to think about a humans 5 senses: sight, touch, taste, hearing, and smell. I would think about how to capture each in a photo. Sight of course, seems the most obvious in a photograph. But how do you possibly capture a scent, or a sound in a still picture frame? It might just mean capturing that moment of steam trailing off a cup of coffee, or the moment of vibration through a piano players body. I learned to really think before shooting, to focus on showing not telling, and to study my subject intensively. Some assignments I would spend hours, days, and hundreds of photos until I knew I created something really worthy. However, I truly enjoy every moment of it. I get to connect with not only people, but places, and ideas. It is truly fulfilling to capture moments that make you and others, feel something. These are a few of my published works that I had the most fun with:

newspaper-photography (1)_Page_1

  • photograph for an article written about “the fear of missing out”

newspaper-photography (1)_Page_3

  • This photograph portrays the crazy, fun world, as well as hard work of majoring in Theater at Plymouth State University. The major involves many different identity’s, directions, ups and downs. I captured this photo in the costume design room.

newspaper-photography (1)_Page_4

  • Photograph of the comedian that visited our school


  • Getting to know individuals on campus.

newspaper-photography (1)_Page_5DSC_8403

  • One of our favorite seasons on campus: fall.

newspaper-photography (1)_Page_2

  • New art studio opening in Downtown Plymouth, NH


  • The campuses popular anonymous social media app called Yik Yak leaves everyone wondering: Who is the person behind the Yik Yak post?

newspaper-photography (1)_Page_6

  • The school’s display in the Silver Center for the Arts.

Photographing for the newspaper is a way of connecting with so many people. However, photographing outside of the newspaper, is where I really learned to connect with myself. Although I love doing both, here is where the camera takes me when not on an assignment for an article:


London, England



Corona, California



Boston, Massachusetts



Plymouth, New Hampshire





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