Can art really change the world?

When most people think of world change they associate the government, health discoveries, updated technology, scientific breakthroughs, but what about art? What about music and creativity? In the moment, we may hear a new song on the radio and think, “Oh, great another love song”. Or we may go to a museum and think, “A three year old could have painted that!” However, art and music directly affect the way we think, feel, and communicate as humans. Isn’t that just as important as the latest IPhone or a rocket going to the moon? Not our possessions or what we have, but what we are?

I can argue that creativity is what has brought us innovation. In a recent biography I watched called, “Print the Legend”, I have seen a small creative idea, that was put to the test in the garage of a house in Cambridge MA, by two men that dropped out of school on the dependence of the success of an idea put to action. The 3D printer was thought, designed, casually put on KickStarter– a creative project website and within no time, eventually became a million dollar business.

Kickstarter is one website that supports how creativity is changing our world. It isn’t so much education initially, or years of experience of an individual. It is creativity, design, and determination that brings us our successful entrepreneurs. And there only seems to be more and more support of this in the world around us.Think about the uproar of Pinterest, another creative based website that perspective thinkers get to share their ideas on. Etsy is another example of everyday people creating amazing things at home. This idea of sharing thoughts with the world through creativity isn’t a new concept at all. I could really take this all the way back to propaganda, when humans discovered that art could make a political statement with great effectiveness. But really, I would like to focus on today.

Today, it seems as though it may not be the years of schooling that bring us the great innovators that end up changing how the world is working. But rather, the perspective of the innovator. Perspective isn’t something you learn at school. For example, a business degree will educate you on business law, communication, and marketing, but will not educate you on being able to see things from a different perspective. Being able to look at a printer in your classroom and think, what if that were to print a 3-D shape? So, if it’s not really during class that you learn this, where do people gain this skill?

I believe this skill all stems back to art and music. When you look at a painting you think about what it could mean-you don’t know exactly what it means unless you talk to the artist directly, but you are left to discover what it could mean. In comparison, the creators of the 3D printer looked at an everyday printer and didn’t think about what it meant- a machine that printed out documents on paper, they thought about what it could mean-a magical machine that prints objects in 3D that we can touch and hold.

Then there is music that in terms of perspective, teaches us how to feel what others are feeling or in other words, how to do the opposite of a painting. With a painting as I had described, we aren’t told the story, we see what we want to see. With music, most of the time we ARE told the story. In this way, we can feel from the perspective of the artist and not just our own.

Going back to my main point, music and the arts teach us what we really need to know. Sitting through an art history class as a business major may be the most boring thing you ever do IF you do not see and admit the relevance in it. If you feel like you need more perspective as an individual- take an art class, listen to more music, or visit a museum. Education is what creates our mind, and art is what creates our soul. Frankly you could be the smartest person on earth, but you aren’t going to get very far without a soul.





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  1. love says:

    Yeah ofcourse art can change the world


  2. Danika Reid says:

    Love what you said in the last paragraph about the mind and the soul. I know feeding my soul is so important. I need creativity and art in my life. 😍


    1. I’m so glad you agree 🙂


    1. thank you…I’ll be sure to check out your blog!

      Liked by 1 person

  3. sanpiano says:

    yes yes yes it can and does…


  4. we stalk ourselves with art, Wonderful SITE


    1. thank you so so much!

      Liked by 1 person

  5. Art and creativity CAN definitely change the world. That’s why, in many countries, when there’s a war going on, they jail the artists.


    1. wow.. I didn’t even know that that’s so interesting and really sad 😦


  6. Suze says:

    i nominated you for the 3 day quote challenge. info can be found here:


  7. Thinkdigest says:

    Yes it sure can. I was also amazed to later find out from a TED talk, [ Drawing your future] the power it also gives us in achieving our dreams by just simply converting words to art!

    Love this piece.
    Much love,


      1. Thinkdigest says:

        You’re most welcome


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