Storytelling: A story

In my recent marketing class, my professor decided to veer off our book information and get into some real life talk. She pulled up an article on what employers look for when hiring new employees. We read through the list which included all aspects I had expected it to: creativity, high energy, well informed,professionalism ext. But then my teacher threw out an idea. “Employers today are looking for a storyteller”. At first, I was confused until she really explained herself. Employers want to be entertained you need to hold their interest and you need to be able to tell a story. “What experience in this field do you have?” -Tell a story: One event I planned in college was a fundraising event filled with entertainments of all kinds. I had to contact multiple different company’s, coordinate different volunteers and even create my own decorations for the event! =story. “What are your strengths?” -Tell a story. “I always had a fear of presenting myself in front of crowds. My sophomore year of high school I had practically forced myself to audition for our fall musical in front of our entire Theater guild department. Since that day, I have convinced and shaped myself into a confident speaking person.” THAT is something an employer is going to remember more than, “I consider my strengths to be: confidence and public speaking”. So, after much thought I realized where my Professor was going with this

The next day I walk into work at the Tilton Diner. Among my time of hosting and busing tables I found a minute to catch my breathe. One of the restaurant waitresses did as well, and came up to me to strike a conversation. It was my second week at work, so I hadn’t known any of the servers too well, but was on the verge of getting to know them. One server came up to me, “Hey Carly, How’s it going, whats up!? Tell me a story!”. And I had almost fell through the floor…she had asked me to tell her a story! WOW was my professor right…I had to really think on my feet…what interesting story could I tell in a short amount of time right off the bat about anything? Well I proceeded to tell a story about how my gas gauge was currently broken in my car, so I couldn’t tell the amount of gas that was in my car. I told her I would be practically in tears driving home when my car dropped to empty even though it was full! I took the next exit I passed and was in the middle of nowhere so after ten minutes I got back on the highway and just prayed I would make it home alive! Fortunately, I made it home alive but quite worn out! It wasn’t the most interesting story but it was the best thing I came up with on the spot and I think it could’ve gone a lot worse…

So I guess the moral of the story is…always have a couple stories in the back of your mind because you’ll never know when you’ll need to summon one up.

ALSO check out this really cool article that talks about the up rise interest of storytelling and how it connects us as humans even in the work place:

Storytelling: New Science Is Enriching An Ancient Art





Cover pic:

Storytelling: New Science Is Enriching An Ancient Art


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