My Romeo and Juliet handcrafted Sword

I started with a large piece of wood that I cut and shaped into a thin strip. That ended up looking something like one of these strips (but much thicker in width):

Next I needed to nest a hole toward the end of the strip of wood to put in a hand guard. I turned the strip of wood to the side, chose a very small screw driver bit and screwed right through to the other side of the wood.

I then was able to fit and shape my second smaller piece of wood, that would make up the hand guard. I secured it in there with some wood glue.

Now it was time for the shaping of the wood. A lot of focus with shaping came toward the tip of the sword (creating that point) and design with the handle and hand guard.

Displaying 20160229_145811.jpgDisplaying 20160229_145811.jpgdef22176-acf0-4df8-97b1-d70ab469dd28

and THE HARDEST PART was shaping and molding the metal to fit in an intricate way into the handle. I used a large cinder block and a mallet to do most of the shaping of the thin strip of metal I had.


I find it easier to start the metal in a specific spot (I drilled a hole at the bottom of the sword handle to fit in the end of the metal) and began there. From there, I could see in what ways the metal could flow around the sword and look nice. After much molding and amendments of the metal, I found a way to have it flow nicely and then proceeded to drill my second hole about 5 inches from my first hole, and had the other end of the metal and fit it nicely there. The knob you see on the front handle was just a wooden knob picked up from a hardware store, that I cut into a pretty random, on the spot, design that I actually ended up really liking.


AND FINALLY I was at the fun part. I spray painted a coat of primer and then silver spray paint (double coated) and really became happy with my design. After a day of drying, I hot glue gunned a leather wrap of which the hand will be placed and added some nice felt cord as well. As a finishing touch I also hot glue gunned some beautiful gems on the knob and sides!



pics: Google pics and my own

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