Walking into my first Interdisciplinary class of the semester, I really did not know what to expect. I thought this course would be about the study of Interdisciplinary, and why we should major in this. Thinking about the word Interdisciplinary, not only was I unable to spell it or pronounce it…I didn’t exactly know what it meant. I knew the basic idea of the course, which is having the ability to combine two separate majors, but I figured that, “Interdisciplinary Studies” was just a way of explaining it in fancy terms. As our class continued throughout the semester, I got more of a sense of what Interdisciplinary Studies was all about, and how it could be useful. We read into authors such as Repko and Gregorian, who were writers that really got to the point of the benefits of Interdisciplinary Studies. Now, after this class, I am able to define it in my own words, as well as understand its benefits and connection to the world. This study involves the idea of integrating two or more disciplines to create a new and creative field. My idea to combine Arts and Business came to life through Interdisciplinary Studies. I realized I did not have to limit myself to only Business or Music, but that I could have the best of both and that would make me more of a well-rounded professional in the entertainment industry. Unspecific to me, I learned of many ways this can be effective toward people all over the world who are picking up this idea, that it is better to answer a question through multiple perspectives/disciplines, instead of just one. I realized that this idea is not something Plymouth State made up to explain this degree-it is an actual knowledgeable design of study that is spreading through schools and universities everywhere. In my future, I hope I can use skills from courses I have specifically chosen to use in my professional career successfully. I want to work with arts businesses such as theatres in Boston or artists on tour in helping them run and promote a successful show. In my future, I hope that I can work with this idea constantly, and not just through my degree but through my everyday life. Through everything from cooking dinner, to forming opinions, to watching a movie. Just being able to see things differently, could change the way I look at the world forever. I know that Interdisciplinary Studies may not be for everyone. For example, some people just want to be a nurse and learn as much as they can about nursing and not the other things that could connect with nursing, like communication or psychology. However, my hope for the future is that Interdisciplinary Studies could at least be understood by everyone. Students need to realize they are not limited by their education. College students are paying an absurd amount of money for higher education, and I hope each and everyone of them realizes they deserve to get what they are paying for. I want to work in a world where when I say I have an Interdisciplinary degree in Arts and Entertainment Management, I won’t be looked at like I have three heads. PSU has such a great Interdisciplinary program and I hope for it to continue growing and becoming popular because it is a great opportunity for a student to become an independent individual, with power over their own education and life.


Also check out this article on “What can I Do with an Interdisciplinary Bachelors Degree?”:


copyright: Carly Ristuccia





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  1. Daedalus Lex says:

    Other majors might track you toward more money and possessions, but the integrated sense of cultural history you will get in your interdisciplinary studies will give you a deeper appreciation of everything around you. I think you’d like my entry on “the art thing in the brain”:


    1. Yeah definitely… I’ll check it out!


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