Once a Classic always a Classic?

 Can an old classic be successfully reproduced in a contemporary setting?

The whole point of a classic is for it to be honored. For it to be passed down from generation to generation so that people from not just today, but tomorrow will be able to appreciate it’s morals. I say why not make a classic relatable to modern audiences? Yes, I’m sure there are a million reasons why not to change an original- but there are reasons why as well… and what kind of business doesn’t involve a little risk? When recreating a once glorious show that may be fading out of light, I believe something very important that has to be taken into consideration is what really made the show so great in the past, that way we can possibly highlight on those specific things and audiences will still be able to see it as great today. For example, this isn’t the oldest classical show by any means, but Anything Goes, music and lyrics by Cole Porter, was a show that many people may remember for it’s incredibly entertaining tap dance numbers. So, if this were to be revived, a lot of emphasis and drama should go into the tap numbers. Makes sense. There is always one or two things a show really stands out for, and there is a reason for that. If people responded so strongly in the past to specific things, who is to say they wont still respond positively with a little extra emphasis on those things? I believe modern audiences today are looking for a lot of drama and action in a show. From all the reality shows, all the action movies, and all the outrageous events occurring in today’s society there is probably not a lot that could be in a show that would be considered completely outrageous. Or could there be?



copyright: Carly Ristuccia


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