Enthrall Me

Musical Theatre is a beautiful, unique form of art. To me, there is nothing more enthralling, and skillful, than to be able to tell a story through acting, singing, and dancing. The amount of work, thought, and time that needs to be put into a musical, reveals true dedication to all who are a part of it. To start from day 1, merely learning melodies and lines, to eventually having a full, put together show, scene after scene, is something truly incredible. Being a part of a musical is an absolute adventure and even if you’ve never considered it, I think you should. It is unlike any sport you’ve played or any club you have been involved it. You may be playing a certain character but more than anything you learn a lot about yourself. I discovered traits and skills of myself I never knew were buried deep inside me.

When watching a musical, it is so easy to get hooked on one character or another and really live through them for the time you are watching. Unlike a book or a movie, you can use your senses to really feel what is happening right in front of you.I love that in nearly all musicals there are a few joyous songs, and a few depressing songs used to tell the story. There a few slow scenes, and a few on-the-edge of your seat scenes. Watching a musical is in many ways like riding a roller coaster. You wait in line with anticipation, there’s excitement, there’s some down hills, there’s some up hills, there’s some twists and turns, and before you know it, it’s over. The only thing different is the after-feeling of a musical. It might leave you hanging, or it might leave you fulfilled. It might leave you amazed and inspired, or maybe empty and distraught. But either way, after a musical, you feel you have been through a lot with these characters. You feel like you have honestly lived with them. You feel their pain and joy. You can learn history. You can learn what to do and what not to do. I just believe there is no other way to tell a story and recall events, than to become the story, and through musical theater this is possible.



copyright: Carly Ristuccia


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