What Makes you smart?

Knowledge is not a simple concept and not a certain concept. In a course I am currently in now: “Science or Superstition?” we question what concepts are actual knowledge and facts and what information is superstition. Everyone of course has different opinions and most of our classes end in a large debate. What you believe is what you choose to believe. When it comes to knowledge you can’t believe everything you hear. I think it’s important for an individual to do their own research and make their own assumptions. Assumptions are things that are accepted as true or certain. But many times assumptions aren’t true or are too generalized. For example, a person that goes to church you may assume they are catholic…not true. My mom accompanied me to church every Sunday although she grew up devoted to the Church of England and not catholic. So what can we assume? We can’t assume everything but some things that happen so often may lead to true assumptions. However, I do believe that it is important how knowledge is handed down. I feel that books are just a start to knowledge but the real knowledge is what you take away for knowledge from the book. What really stuck out in the book? In your lifetime you aren’t going to remember what you read in Chapter 5 of your history book or what questions were on your midterm test. You are going to remember information you could relate to, take away from or information you found emotional. So knowledge shouldn’t be taught as spitting out facts to memorize. Knowledge should be a conversation, a questioning, an acknowledging. The knowledge you take in should be specific to you or else why are you learning it… because you’re being forced? Because you’re being convinced it will make you a well-rounded person? Knowledge is being put in your mind so choose wisely what can fit.

Check out this Article: “Does Knowledge Require Certainty?” for further opinions:


What is your opinion on knowledge and certainty?



copyright: Carly Ristuccia


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  1. actualham says:

    I love this: “Knowledge should be a conversation, a questioning, an acknowledging.” Beautiful.


  2. seagullsea says:

    See Albert Einstein on how learning is about how to think.Knowledge as far as accumulating facts nowadays is meaningless without an element of analysis.
    There are too many “idiot savant “who accumulate factual knowledge without understanding .


    1. That’s a great point I’d like to look more into Einsteins way of thinking! Thanks for the great idea!


      1. seagullsea says:

        Welcome!actually he is all over google plus and i suppose social media quoted.It is probobly worth the effort to read his biography.i must admit to stopping after a few chapters though .too many details.The ancient Greeks also seem to be repeated again and again.all of them were interdisciplinary;philosophy/science/theology/theater/geomatry..


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