Feedback on Interdisciplinary work

Here is some feedback I have received from my Interdisciplinary ideas that I would like to keep documented!:

Hey Carly! Your sentence saying “it takes my love of music and seriousness of business and I feel that is a great blend of who I am” I instantly related to. I love art but I wanted to add a business aspect to it and am taking a mix of  art and business classes to become an interior designer.

Hey girl! Great idea with that music and business collab! Do you think you would go into publicity management ever? It sure seems like you would have the skills to be a great publicist!

Hey Carly, It sounds like this creation of yours really fits together well.  The music business certainly take a lot of knowledge in business courses.  There is alot of behind the scenes action going on in music that the public does not see. I think this is a great career choice and will be an enjoyable experience.


I agree with you completely about finding your own identity! Coming into this major just really made me feel like I was learning exactly what I wanted to be learning, not just whichever degree program best fit what I wanted to do. This program allows me to truly study what I’m passionate about. Can you imagine that? Every college student studying exactly what they are passionate about? They’d truly learn so much!


I completely agree with you on many aspects of your opinions. Our lives would be so different if the country was well-informed about Interdisciplinary Studies. It’s truly a great thing because you’re taking courses from a couple, or many, fields of study, integrating them together in order to not only better your educational experience, but to be a well-rounded individual that will stand out to future employers. With that being said, I wish I had knew about this program a long time ago. I like the quote from Gregorian’s article that you chose pertaining to identity because each and every one of us in IS has our own identity and we’re very different in our own ways. Even if two given people are concentrating on a specific area in this program, we’re not all going to have the same exact classes, which is the beauty of it. I’m glad you feel more satisfied in terms of what you are working towards because it’s so important to enjoy what you are set out to be in life.





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