Systematizing or Downsizing?

Other than the economy and the university, what other system is impacting my life? As the text “Introduction to Interdisciplinary Studies” states in Chapter 1, “Everything we do takes place within system (Repko, 8)”. Everything from the environment, the economy, the government, transportation, ext. Systemizing complexities is a way to maintain organization and harmony. While many systems may enclose an individual, other systems may offer a broad range of opportunities for an individual or even group of individuals. The government is one system that holds great significance in everyone’s life. The government has influence upon where you reside, how you live, and the choices you make. It is a system that aids you but may also hinder you. Another example, transportation may aid you to travel across town, but may hinder you in getting there on time. Your job may aid you with money, but also hinder you with time. I believe with all systems there comes positive and negative aspects. I will soon be diving into the system of the music industry which sometimes feels like a gamble of positivity and negativity. The industry can recognize talent or it can corrupt talent. It can honor hard work or shame it in a gossip magazine. When entering this industry, I will have to figure out the highs and lows and adjust to them accordingly. Another important system affecting me is the system of a University. You are free to choose your own degree but are you free to decide how it is taught to you? Are you free to decide how long you want to spend on this degree? Are you free to decide what specific courses you can take with this degree? These questions tie into Interdisciplinary studies because this study is one of the positive aspects of the system of a university. It is the study that makes these questions have explainable answers. Interdisciplinary studies is a system of opportunities. With this study you can make choices of your own and you don’t have to limit yourself like you may have to in many other systems.




copyright: Carly Ristuccia


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  1. The blog looks great, and I love the idea of a “system of opportunities.” This post has a nice mix of detail, specifics from the reading, and opinion from your own personal perspective. Check out these blog tips so that next time you can consider adding images and links to really help engage your reader: Overall, off to a great start!


  2. Kate Bowles says:

    I came here from Twitter and I also really like the way you propose system of opportunities as an alternative to system of constraints. I’m an Australian educator and you’ve got me thinking about blogging itself as a system of opportunities. I’ll pass this on to students I’m blogging with. Thank you!


    1. Wow thanks so much ! I really appreciate it

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