Ride or Die- a little about me

I am not one of those people that like to keep the past in the past. My past is a series of events that has shaped me into the person I am today, and I live in honor of those events, good and bad. At a young age, my parents got divorced- believe me I know there are worse things than this. But it actually taught me a lot. It taught me appreciation of both my parents, appreciation of new people in my life (my step dad, mom, brothers and sisters), maturity in my decision making to spend time with my parents, and organization in my time management. We’re talking age 5 here…But even at age 5, I grew up in this world that was unique to all of my other friends that could go home and see either of their parents whenever they wanted. Friends that could celebrate holidays with all of their family members being present. Friends that didn’t have to experience the guilt I felt when choosing one parent over the other. With a lot being thrown at me, I definitely was not a perfect child. The tantrums I would throw, and the things I would scream at people were unbearable. It was hard for me to talk about my problems with anyone, and I was always hard on myself. I would cry, I would scream, I would injure myself. I went to counseling but was only stubborn about it. I’m not sure where along the path I became sane but I did. I don’t know if it was in the books I read, the songs I sang, or the movies I watched, but I became a better person. A person people could actually talk to, and maybe even want to be around. I want to go about my future like I have my past, in most ways. If I am in a bad situation I want to make the best of it. If I am in a good situation I want to appreciate it as much as I can.

Talking about situations, I was put in a very difficult one just last year, that being my first year of college. I had a lot of decision-making going on, but like I have learned from the past, I had to make the best of it. I came into college undeclared, and am glad that I did so, because I needed the time to make such a vital decision. I chose to declare an Interdisciplinary Study in honor of my individuality (and confusion). This course let me take music classes along with business classes so I could work towards a career in the music industry. I even got to name my own major, “Arts and Entertainment Management”.  This made me feel like I had power over my education and my life path, and it definitely gave me confidence. I felt like my future was finally something I could look forward to because I knew I was on the right road and wouldn’t let any detours stop me, as corny as that may sound.

As well as letting the music industry inspire me every day of working, I hope to inspire the industry myself. I feel like I have lived so much through music that I owe it something in return. I feel like music is an old, sick friend, at the end of its life that I would give up anything for. I am not a nurse saving lives, or a farmer giving people food, but I am an artist and a promoter of artists, giving people happiness, hope, comfort. I believe in my future because I know I will be happy if my career works out for me, and I will treat happiness as my success.



copyright: Carly Ristuccia


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