Back to the Future

Today, I visited Royal Albert Hall in the wonderful city of London. Here, some of the greatest artists I know have stood and sang their hearts out. It’s a circle theater(the best kind of theater in my opinion), with high-tech acoustics of which the vibrations of music can reach you wherever you are seated. The center of the ceiling, is shaped as a dome and captivates your eye at first glance. The small, oval shaped objects hanging from the ceiling, are there to affect the vibrations of the music so that the dome ceiling does not captivate all the sound. I learned about the whole history of the theater…how some rich guys didn’t know what to do with their money and decided to build this wonderful theater. Because it was so expensive, they had to find a way to raise money as they were building it. They sold seats in the theater to whoever wanted to invest in it. For thousands of dollars, you could own your own seat in the theater for 999 days. Many people were interested in purchasing a seat and passing it down in their family line. However, nowadays that is not as likely to happen since the price of them has raised to an outstanding amount of money a quarter of a million I believe. The theater has always been known for its classical music performances. However, nowadays the theater sells tickets for not only theater or artist performances but also movie premieres, tennis matches, wrestling matches, even a small marathon! The theater can be transformed into almost any kind of venue, which makes it quite unique and amazing. Although I would only go there to see a musical performance, these other events are great to promote the theater but may also mean the theater losing its original meaning of use. Something else that may be losing its originality is classical music. I was told that promoters today want young people to get involved in classical music. To do this, classical performances at Royal Albert Hall are exaggerated with lights, dancers, even fireworks. I know many young people aren’t listening to Mozart on their I-phones, but is this the right way to lure young people into classical music? It may be, but in other ways it just seems like a trap. Music cannot really be forced on an individual. I am a young person and I do listen to classical music, because every now and then I enjoy it, and appreciate the history of it and how it has shaped today’s music. Many other teens may not. I wonder, is it acceptable to leave the past in the past? Will classical music ever be forgotten? As music advances so far away from classical, will people still be able to see its significance? This is something I can only hope for, and if it means elaborating classical music with fireworks, than I guess that is what it has come to. The past is the past, but as we have all heard before, we should learn from it. In many different ways you can learn a lot from studying or just listening to classical music. So, don’t leave the past in the past. Let the past inspire today, so that all who have lived before us and have set up this world for us, will not be forgotten. So that we can make greater of what has already been made.




copyright: Carly Ristuccia


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