Love Shack or Love Hack?

Think of your favorite song, either currently or from the past. If you can’t narrow it down, (I know how you feel), think of a few of your favorite artists. If you play back a few of their songs in your mind, I can bet you 90% that song is about love. Whether it is satisfaction of love, or devastation of love. Whether it is about being drunk in love, love being all you need, love being a battlefield, or love being made for me and you. LOVE is ubiquitous in music. Sure, here and there, there is a song about failure, success, death, life, growing up ext. But I believe it is fair to say every artist has a song about love. So, what would music be without love? Would there be music at all? Just imagine it. Just imagine all of your favorite heart-felt songs did not exist. Would it change how you feel about love? Would it make love less dramatic, or less haunting? Music has influenced us all on how we feel about love, whether we realize it or not. So many artists are full of love, and willing to share it with the world. That is a beautiful thing. But is there a negative side to this? Does love in music give us too many expectations? Or too many desires that people feel they can’t fulfill? Does all this music about love make some of us bitter? Or does being bitter sometimes make us stronger? These are all questions I can not answer on behalf of the world. But I will say one thing, whether you are happily in love or heartbroken, there is always hope. On your own or in a relationship, there is something ahead of you. Wait around for it because once it reaches you, you will be on top of the world. In the mean time if you feel the wait is a little difficult, turn on some depressing music and realize that you are not alone.





copyright: Carly Ristuccia


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