Who Holds The Empire?

I began watching this show, “Empire” solely because it was a series about the music industry. The plot consists of Lucic Lyon, the owner of a very successful recording label. The catch: Lucic Lyon is dying of ALS and needs to decide who to hand his company down to out of his 3 sons. First candidate: we have the popular, famous son that gets all the girls. Then there’s the actually musically talented one, that is coming out with a new album himself. As well as, the intellectual, business savvy one, that always knows what to say to a client. I haven’t got to the episode where he chooses, but it got me thinking: who would you want to run your music business or any business at all? Is the fame as important as the professionalism? Is the talent as important as the fame? To start, having a famous president of the record label could surely attract artists that know they will get the right publicity from the label. Having a talented president, would attract artists of that same style that would learn just what to add or critique to their music. And a business professionalist will know just how to negotiate with you and your sales. So what’s the most important? For me, I like to pretend that the money and fame is not everything. Obviously, it is something, because if no one listens to your music, you don’t make money and if you don’t make money, you don’t produce and publicize your music. But with that being said, before you get big and maybe even after, I believe talent is everything. One of my biggest idols Amy Winehouse- had all the talent and didn’t want the fame. To me, she was a successful artists even if she didn’t sell out a full stadium. Fame can be good if it is for the right reasons, but if your making money off of fame that doesn’t hold talent, are you really succeeding?

copyright: Carly Ristuccia


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