A Funny Story

So here’s a funny story…I started using a matchmaking website known as “Tinder”. I hadn’t really taken the whole online dating thing seriously, and I never planned on taking it seriously…so why was I on it? It just so happened that I had matched with a lot of musicians. I realized that I had had some pretty interesting conversations about music with these potential, (unlikely) matches.  I talked to one guy that attended Emerson College of music. He was working on filming an astoundingly, beautiful, classical music video. Another guy was heavily into edm and was aspiring to be a DJ. I’ve been introduced to a dozen of artists I otherwise would not have looked into, if it weren’t for a random guy on Tinder recommending it to me. So, I realized that this must be the reason I keep going on Tinder. This website really did find the perfect match for me…and that match was music.




copyright: Carly Ristuccia


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